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Thank you for your inquiry to Blue Real Spring Water!


Blue Real Spring Water is the BEST choice for premium water delivery service and incomparable personalized customer service. 




Here's a list of our prices:


$8.99 per 5 gallon bottle

$9.99 monthly cooler rental (top loader) - NOT REQUIRED

$3.00 delivery fee for the whole order 


Deliveries occur once a month. Upon ordering you receive an emailed delivery schedule for the year. Your empty bottles will be replaced on the days listed in your delivery schedule calendar. You are not required to order each month. The calendar simply identifies the potential dates of delivery in your area each month. 


A deposit fee of $7.00 per jug will be charged if no bottles are ordered after 2 months of no service. This is to prevent the stockpiling of water jugs due to the pandemic.


We do not accept checks or cash. All customers must leave a credit/debit card on file for the security of our equipment. There is no minimum purchase. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive your annual delivery calendar by email.



If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to either reply to this message or call the number below.


To place an order, follow these easy steps:


  2. Enter your ZIP CODE 

  3. Choose your CITY

  4. Choose either RESIDENTIAL or OFFICE

  5. Choose the product you would like delivered 

  6. Click NEXT

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