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Spring Water


Our Spring

Our Spring

Think about that, the springs Never Run Dry!
Seven miles from the Amicalola Falls, Blue Real Spring Water is  the best bottled water supplier nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, you'll find a pure mountain spring. Remnants of frontiersman’s pottery and Native American arrowheads indicate how long people have relied on this spring.

During a drought in the 1920’s Blue Real Spring did not run dry. Families traveled miles in their wagons to fill their barrels. When all wells and other springs ceased to provide, Blue kept giving.

Producing 50 gallons of Naturally Alkaline Mountain Spring Water a minute and 72,000+ gallons of water every 24 hours, Blue Real Spring Water is not from a well but comes directly from an underground spring.

Water Service



72 000 gallons a day


civila war story image

During the Civil War, community members used the spring to refrigerate items such as butter and meat since refrigerators did not exist at the time. Since its known discovery, Blue has never run dry, that’s real. Real. Spring. Water.

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