Our Water

The Difference is at the Source

Bottled at the source means all the difference.
Unlike many other water bottling companies, Blue Real Spring Water offers water bottled directly from the source. Blue Real Spring Water is the best water in its purest, most natural form, not distilled municipal (recycled/city) water.

Water flows from the underground spring, NATURALLY to the surface of the earth.

Distilled water is recycled municipal or city water with additional chemicals, electrolytes and additives to help boost the existing low quality of the water.

Blue Real Spring Water comes from the underground aquifers and rivers clear and clean, but is additionally filtered through a process that uses ozone, a property of 3 oxygen atoms bound together, to kill and destroy any and all microorganisms.

After the water is ozonated, it is then bottled void of any additives or chemicals for your drinking pleasure. With a ph level of 7.6, the acidity in the water is extremely low making Blue water Alkaline. Alkaline water helps restore the digestive system and intestinal tract. It is the best quality at the best value.

You can rest assured the water is free of hidden, unknown ingredients and flows directly from the earth, not recycled. That's the difference.

BLUE is NEVER derived from a municipal water system.

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